Expert Relationship Strategy— A Tail Wagging Story

I’m always so thrilled when my partner comes home.

I bound up to her with puckered lips and dashing enthusiasm. If she wasn’t so tall, I’d knock her over and have my way with her. That’d be so fun. But I learnt early on, I could only do that on her terms.

Still, she loves the way I greet her and I love that she loves it and so I throw myself at her some more. But only as much as she can handle, cause otherwise it could get pretty ugly and she might neglect to make me dinner.

I know a lot better when that is now. When we first got together it was really hard. I just couldn’t stop myself from kissing her all over and planting my loving paws wherever I pleased. I was innocent really. I just wanted to help her undress and relax from such a hard day without me. I mean, it had to be hard for her too right. It was hard for me without her and she says she loves me, so it made sense to me she would feel the same way.

Well, that’s when I learnt we spoke different love languages. She kept pushing me away and telling me I should learn to control myself and stop trying to pounce on her. That really upset me at first. Like what did she think I was, a dog or something. It’s just so hard to contain myself after such a long time alone. But then she gave me a really yummy dinner and I thought to myself that I could learn to love a little differently.

We have super great times together. I love it best when we go to our favourite park down the road. We play games and she knows it doesn’t matter if I win or lose, I really just love playing with her. I also really love the park because we meet our mates there. She has her friends and I have mine, so we each hangout with our buddies and do some fun things separately for a while. It’s fun for me anyway. She mostly just blabbers and points and calls out to me every now and then so I don’t run off too far. I don’t do that though cause I know dinner’s just around the corner. Plus, to be honest she gives me plenty of me time and so much love that I quite like hanging around.

Except for this one time. I couldn’t help myself. My whole body tingled with excitement at such a beautiful thing. My mouth was watering and without thinking I just took off. I had to chase. Chasing is so much fun. I caught what I wanted too. I was so chuffed. Until I heard my beloved’s voice. She was distraught and so red in the face. This time I knew it wasn’t because of her high heels. I did something I shouldn’t have, I thought. I was so sad that I upset her and I showed her my sorry puppy-dog face. What else could I do, she wouldn’t let me kiss her.

Then I remembered how happy she always was when I walked right beside her and looked at her with my loving eyes and devoted myself to picking up her shoes. So I did that straight away and never looked back at the rabbit on the other side of the park. I really loved what I had, especially the dinners. I knew that if I played and loved and greeted my special one like a true hound, we’d have a fantastic life together and live happily ever after.

I had to really control myself at the beach though.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was fun.

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